Aborted Fetal DNA in Vaccines???

Some people have asked if some vaccines have components derived from human fetuses.

In fact, some vaccines are grown in cell cultures that were originally obtained from two human fetuses. In addition, the rubella virus used to make rubella vaccine was isolated from a third human fetus. Now that this most recent info is out it opens up the argument that has raged for years about the correlation between vaccines and autism.

It has been documented that a sharp incline in autism was observed about the time the pharmaceutical world started introducing aborted fetal DNA in their vaccines.

And as usual…the FDA still denies any connection!

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What Ever Happened to The Pandemic H1N1 Virus?

This is now being¬†tauted as one of this worlds greatest hoax and we swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Big pharma really pulled a fast one on us and now when the next big pandemic comes along we surly will look at it and remember how fearful we became about this big joke played on us all. If you recall the same thing happened as the pharmaceutical world used the same fear based approach with the Bird Flu… It’s about time we wake up and realize the drug manufactures as well as the WHO (world health org.) are using their fear based propaganda to squeeze every dollar out of us and keep us dependent upon their drugs that don’t cure anything to keep us alive or should I say lead us to a slow painful death.

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