CEO Compensation & It’s Relationship To The Skyrocketing Cost Of Health Care…

ceo-pay.ju.topExecutives in the top spots at the country’s five largest publicly traded health plans were paid a collective $110 million for their services in 2011. In a time when our Healthcare System has found itself under the full control of the Health Insurance industry, healthcare providers are no longer in charge of the True Health of this wonderful nation. Controlling all aspects of what the insured must do and the hoops which providers must jump through, the insurance industry with all its accountants, lawyers, executives and stock holders are sucking the life out of our Healthcare system as we knew it 25 years ago.

While America’s families struggled with skyrocketing health insurance costs and the worst economy since the Great Depression, chief executives of the 10 largest for-profit health insurance companies collected total pay of $163.6 million, averaging over $16 million per CEO in 2011. (these are the most recent figures available to date)

“The insurance companies are driven by perverse incentives that reward CEO’s for imposing devastating rate hikes on families and businesses while denying care to people when they need it most,” said HCAN Executive Director Ethan Rome.  “It’s indefensible that CEO’s in America are profiting by gouging customers in such a shameless way.”

Statistics have shown as much as 83% of all healthcare dollars spent on health insurance is directed to administrative costs with the remaining 17% spent on the true caring of health. If you were to know that the cost of health insurance is factored into the escalating cost of healthcare rather than just the cost of caring for health, you’d be as upset about our current system as I am!!!

Below are the figures of the Shameless Gougers of our Healthcare System:

compensation leaders

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