4 Natural Cures For the Dreaded Sunburn…

So, here we are in the middle of “Sun Season” and find ourselves outside looking for that bronze color and all the sudden we realize we have been out in the sun just a bit too long…we all know how valuable vitamin D is the our bones but an excess of sun leads to that dreaded SUNBURN. Now that we have it; what can we do to sooth the painful affects of it?

Below are some of the home remedies by which you can assist in the healing process and can lessen the effects of sunburn.

  • Cool Milk Compresses: – Milk is quite helpful in sunburns. It contains fat and lactic acids which have soothing and comforting qualities to pamper the skin against sunburn. Take a thin translucent soft cotton cloth and soak it in cool milk. Apply the milk on to your skin gently. Do this process for about 20 minutes and then wash with cool water. Repeat the process on a regular basis to reduce the effects of sunburn.
  • Cool, sugarless tea: – The tannin present in tea is the vigorous element, which treats the discomfort of sunburned skin. Make a big pot of tea, and keep it to cool totally; wipe the affected part with the help of cotton cloth or a soft sponge. You can also pour it in a spray bottle and spew it directly on the skin. If your eyes have a burning sensation and they feel to be exhausted then you can place the teabags over your eyes. And don’t throw the used teabags. It has the cooling features that help comfort the sunburned part of our body.
  • Aloe Vera: – The use of Aloe Vera in sunburn treatment is very common. It is also helpful in other skin related problems. Aloe Vera provides soothing feeling and relief from sunburn and helps in healing procedure. Apply Aloe Vera over the skin in order to heal sunburn. Aloe Vera gel is the best healing agent. If you don’t have gel available then you can better look for the cream with aloe vera in it in adequate quantity.
  • Water: – Exposure to sun causes dehydration and thus there is the lack of salt and minerals in our body. As a result our body starts absorbing liquid from blood and tissues. It is known to all of us that a good amount of water consumption can make us healthy and decreases the chances of dehydration.

No doubt, sunburn has become an emerging problem which not only damages the skin but also causes other skin concerns. As we all are familiar with the proverb “Prevention is better than the cure”, so start taking steps towards the prevention of this problem. Use an umbrella and sunglass while you move outside. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. You can also take the help from a health care provider if you are affected with sunburns.


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