The Lyme’s Disease Cover Up Rages On…

Most of us know someone who has suffered this debilitating condition called Lyme’s Disease but have all been convinced by the news media and big pharma that it is a very rare condition. You may be surprised to find out that it has more new cases each year than AIDS… That’s right, and it is a condition that is usually misdiagnosed, ignored and delayed in being diagnosed by most health care practitioners. The patients that I have seen over the past several years that have suffered form Lyme’s Disease have bounced from one doctor to another with much procrastination, on the doctors part, before an official diagnosis is made and therefore allowing this truly debilitating disease to run wild within their bodies. It has been misdiagnosed as conditions such as M.S., Lou Gehrig’s, psychological disorders, Parkinson’s, ADHD but not Lyme. Be sure to read this article on the Truth that everyone should know about Lyme’s Disease whether you suffer from it or not…

Click here to read what everyone needs to know about Lyme’s Disease…


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