Which is Healthier… Pasteurized or Unpasteurized Milk???

Congressman Ron Paul, the most outspoken member of Congress is getting involved with the battle to save raw milk. He is outraged that the government is spending tax dollars to prosecute farmers for selling unpasteurized milk. Senator Paul points out that many people have done their own research and decided that the raw milk is a healthier choice.

Currently, raw milk is legal in a number of states, and is a highly sought-after “black market” item in other states. Most raw milk is in the form of low-volume “farm to consumer” sales, with the farmer consuming their own product, assuring its safety. Raw milk consumers are well-informed as to any possible dangers, and willingly take those risks for the perceived health benefits.

Recently, the US FDA conducted a “sting” operation against a small Amish dairy in Pennsylvania. Raw milk is legal there, but some of the dairy’s customers were taking the milk home to Maryland or DC, therefore inciting the ire of the FDA. They conducted a year-long investigation, involving agents infiltrating the farmer’s operation, and recently “raided” the farm, seizing, WITHOUT WARRANT, milk, equipment, computers and disks, citing the recently-passed Food Safety Modernization Act, which gives them broad powers of warrantless search and seizure – a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Click here to read the full article on Congressman Ron Paul’s proposal…


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