Do You Know What Interesterified Oils Are??? YOU SHOULD!!!

We all  need to be aware that Food companies are now calling “Trans Fats” Interesterified Fats to fool educated consumers. It has been very popular for consumers to avoid or eliminate Trans fats from our diets over the past several years which has hurt the food manufactures where it really hurts the most. However they are getting around the trans fat labeling by mixing small amounts of fully hydrogenated oil with liquid polyunsaturate oils and calling it “Interesterified Oil.” They claim that fully hydrogenated oil is healthier. Since there is less trans fat, they can sell this product to food manufacturers for use in commercial dressings, baked goods, candies and anything else that used to have partially hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list.

We should also be aware that a food with under 0.5g of trans fat is allowed to be labeled as “Trans-Fat-Free” in the US. So, when reading food labels…”Trans-Fat-Free” doesn’t mean it has no trans fats within it! Now we need to spread the word that once again the Big Food Industry and it’s partner the FDA has changed the rules in the middle of the game and allowed another toxic ingredient into our food known as INTERESTERIFIED OILS or FATS…

Click here to read the full article on further deception by the food companies…


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