Brain Shrinks a Decade Before Alzheimer’s Appears

As with most conditions, Alzheimer’s Disease doesn’t start over night. This is the type of condition that will manifest over a long period of time and slowly develop symptoms that are noticeable but often overlooked or brushed off as “normal aging.” Once these symptoms such as, memory loss, problems with familiar tasks, problems with language, poor judgement, and misplacing things occur it may be an indication that further investigation is necessary.

When a person is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, abnormal changes are taking place in the brain. In Alzheimer’s disease, the parts of the brain that control thinking, memory, and language no longer work properly and symptoms start to appear. An accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease offers the best opportunity to start treatments that can help slow the progression of symptoms.

Click here to see the study that was performed on seniors and what percentage of them developed Alzheimer’s…


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