The Top Ten Fat Burning Foods

The key to effective and healthy weight loss is through diet and exercise, which we all know. There is no fancy piece of exercise equipment that will help you spot reduce one area of your body. Just as there is no miracle fruit that will melt the pounds away. But there are many foods that are conducive to weight loss and that actually help you to burn fat. The most important focus here should be on “Fat Loss” rather than weight loss. Keep in mind that eating a diet consisting of  “Low Glycemic Foods”  will help you lose fat and keep it off for a lifetime. This is a Lifestyle Change!

So here are my ten healthiest fat burning foods you can eat:

  1. Oatmeal Oatmeal –  is the number one choice among all nutritionist to burn fat if you want to use complex carbohydrates. This is the only carbohydrate which fitness professionals use when they are burning their fat for competition. The number 1 thing that we need to be aware of with oatmeal is to be sure it is Gluten Free; as many of us are gluten sensitive.
  2. Yams (or sweet potatoes) – are natural food which has a very high nutrient value.
  3. Wheat and Grain Products found as 100% whole grain & 100% whole wheat that is gluten free is recommended by all fitness experts. However, the rule here is to avoid grain & wheat foods with the protein gluten. Gluten has been known to create concerns ranging from mild inflammation of the mucosa of the small intestine to severe celiac disease. .
  4. Green Vegetables – with fibrous carbs are the best fat burning foods with Broccoli being #1 . They have the best nutritional value of all the foods and have many of the enzymes within them to assist in the digestive process. Look for those veges that have a high amount of fiber such as Steamed Broccoli, Baked Acorn Squash, Baked Sweet Potato, or Baked Acorn Squash . Lean protein with green vegetables can transform your body into a fat burning tool.
  5. Fresh Fruits – are low in calories, carbs and very high in fiber which makes them a very good food for weight loss. These fruits are filled with vitamins that again help you to be energized & healthy all day long.
  6. Almonds – New studies has proved that almonds can increase fat burning properties in the human body. Almonds are also rich in omega-3 fats that aids fat burning as well as the reduction of inflammation.
  7. Chicken and Turkey Breast – By removing the skin and eating the white meat keeps it consisting of mostly protein. However, you should try to avoid frying those foods.
  8. Eggs – consist of protein, zero carbs and zero fats which turns egg whites into a great food for your weight loss program. However, you should avoid or use half of the yokes. The best choice in eggs are those from vegetation fed chickens which contain Omega III Fatty Acids and have more of an activity of assisting in inflammation reduction.
  9. Fish – Different types of fish give you a great source of protein to burn fat. As well, you should try to add some seafoods like shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels, etc. into your list of fat burning foods which have high protein with very low fat content.
  10. Lemon juice & honey – A great home-made prescription which is being used by many is the use of lemon & honey with a bit warm water. One glass a day of this combination can increase your fat burning speed up to 20%.
  • Remember the key here is not only to lose the fat, but to maintain it over your lifetime…Therefore this is an education process and who better to teach this than a close friend and coach of mine…Bonnie Gallagher, the top Transitions Lifestyle Coach in the country. Now it is very unusual for me to promote on this blog, but for this topic, no one knows Fat Loss any better then Bonnie and I encourage you to go to her sight to attend her complimentary orientation to Fat Loss For Life…  For any further information on maintaining that fat loss, you can visit her sight by clicking here…

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