25%of Those Over 45 Take This Unnecessary Drug…

The number of Americans that take a statin drug to supposedly lower their cholesterol is astonishing! Statistics show that half of the men ages 65-74 and 40% of the women over the age of 75 are being prescribed these statin drugs. It should also be mentioned that one in every four Americans age 45 and above are taking a statin drug. There are many Alternatives to statins and do not have the damaging side affects…but most doctors don’t tell you about them! The normal range for cholesterol approximately 20 years ago was much higher than that used today which means there are millions more that now fall into the category of being placed on these statin drugs. Cholesterol is the most common organic molecule in the brain. Some researchers theorize that blocking cholesterol production, as statins do, interferes with the brain’s performance and causes muddied thinking, memory loss, personality changes, irritability, and aching muscle pain. In my 25+ years of experience,I have seen many patients in my office who were on a statin drug and upon eliminating it cured the spinal and body muscle aches and pains within a week. By no means am I recommending that anyone stop there medications, but you need to be informed as to the Alternatives there are available.

Check out the statistics in the full article by clicking here…


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