Man Survives 2 Wars and Cancer to Run The Boston Marathon

 Clarence Hartley, at the age of 81, has beat all odds to compete in the most prestigious marathon in the country next to the Olympics. He had to overcome two wars — Korea and Vietnam — where he served in the United States Air Force and most recently, he battled lymphoma and prostate cancer. Hartley has set out to complete his first Boston Marathon as the oldest entrant to compete in the race this year. Hartley had qualified in 2005 to run the Boston Marathon but shortly before the race, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had to put the race on hold while he underwent chemo. Two years later, he found out he had prostate cancer. With all the odds against him, he continued to persevere.

This is his year and states he feels better than ever and is ready to set some records and beat a lot of younger runners!  As a distance runner myself, my hat goes off to this courageous senior athlete who didn’t begin running competitively until the age of 68!  So, be sure to check out the results for Clarence Hartley in this 2011 Boston Marathon…

Click here to read how he did on April 18…


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