Principal Investigator of Center for Disease Control… Indicted for Fraud!

The principal investigator of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been indicted on not only Fraud charges but also money Laundering. This all stems from Dr. Poul Thorsen’s involvement in the research he conducted for the Center for Disease Control about the possible connection between the vaccine preservative  thimerosal and autism.  Dr. Thorsen crafted the plan to use Denmark vaccination data despite the fact that CDC, Thorsen and the NAAR board all knew that Denmark’s vaccine schedule then, and now, is not remotely similar to the US vaccine schedule. Therefore The results of the Denmark studies helped the CDC out of a tough spot and over the past decade, Thorsen’s studies were utilized by the CDC repeatedly to falsely reassure the American public about the safety of vaccines. Not only that, many doctors used these studies to assure the questioning parents that the routine immunization was safe and necessary. Thorsen has disappeared after officials discovered massive fraud involving the theft of $2 millions in taxpayer dollars that he had supposedly spent on research.

Autism advocacy groups are demanding his fraudulent studies be given a closer look. Those same groups have long claimed that the results of the studies were suspect. Parents of vaccine-injured children very early in their anti-mercury march found out that in the 1970s Autism was a 1 in 10,000 happening, and in 2004, forced the US CDC to disclose rates were 1 in 166. Today it is stated the rate to be 1 in 100…With all this cover-up, it may very well turn out that there is a strong connection between thimerosal and autism which has occurred in my very own family…

Click here to read the Fraudulent misuse of power by the CDC…


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