Does maintained Spinal manipulation for chronic low back pain result in better long term outcome?

This is a questioned that has been asked by many patients of mine and now there is a prospective single blinded placebo controlled study that reveals the results that have been long awaited. It has been recommended by Chiropractors for their patients to complete and active care treatment program in order to complete the first phase of care and that is to reduce the amount of pain. The second phase of care is to realign the spine and strengthen the supporting structures in order to hold the adjustment.
Now the third phase is to maintain the alignment by following a monthly maintenance program consisting of supportive Chiropractic Adjustments to not only remove the small amount of misalignment that will occur over a month or so, but to restore flexibility and keep the joint healthy. It is this Maintenance phase that has been the topic of controversy. However this study reveals and supports the need for this to maintain long term health of the spine and the nervous that transmits through it.

Click here to see the results of this study…


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