Omega III Fatty Acids and their Relationship to Dementia

Research has revealed that there are three indicators other than age which are the causative factors in Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Those are ApoE4 genotype, elevated plasma homocystine levels, and decreased plasma DHA.

The ApoE4 gene interacts with brain proteins to predispose people to dementia. Data from the Longitudinal Framingham Study suggests that ApoE4 carriers had approximately a 2.5-fold increased risk of dementia.

Homocystine appears to be a direct vascular toxin. Those found with an increased homocystine level in plasma were found to have a 1.9-fold increase in dementia.

Approximately 40% of fatty acid phospholipids in the brain are DHA. Individuals with dementia have lower plasma phospholipid DHA levels in the brain compared to control subjects.

Prospective studies have reported consumption of at least 1 fish serving per week decreases risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 60%. By increasing Omega III in your diet you can reduce the risk of developing these conditions whether  you have the genetic make up for them or not.  The recommendation is to take 3 or more fish servings per week or at least 1 fish oil capsule per day (greater than 300 mg DHA/day) to raise DHA levels and supplementing or consuming adequate amounts of vitamins B6, B12, and folate (to decrease homocystine levels) could decrease the incidence of dementia. The highest quality and most pure form of the Omega III, in my opinion, is obtained through Supplementation. Most of my patients whom I have recommended Omega III, or better known as “Fish Oil”, have a concern of having an after taste or reeking of fish. We have found that by placing the opened bottle of fish oil in the refrigerator it has reduced these concerns dramatically. Patients have come to me and asked how do they know if the fish oil they have purchased is of high quality? I always respond by asking how much did they spend and where did they purchase it? We should keep in mind that we almost always get what we pay for, especially when we pick the cheapest supplement on the shelf. Most low end Omega III’s have a great deal of water in the capsule and as we all know, oil will not freeze. Therefore, a true test of your Fish Oil is to place several capsules into the freezer and take them out after 2 to 3 days and cut them open to see if the oil is frozen. If this is the case, you surely will know you have chosen the wrong brand! Another comment that I get is “how do I know if I have taken too much fish oil?” Which is a valid question and my answer is to look at your neck in the mirror, if you start developing gills you know that you may want to scale back-No Pun intended! Have you ever heard anyone say “Be very careful not eat too much fish?” The Omega III also has very strong properties that assist the body in removing chronic inflammation throughout the body. Remember one simple fact: “Most disease processes in the body originate with an inflammatory response!”

I have discovered the highest potency of Omega III’s found on the market, without a prescription,  is a brand that I have recommended to my patients over the years which can be found on my website. The purpose of mentioning this is simply for you to print out the ingredients and compare to that which you are taking to determine the quality of yours. Further information can be obtained at: by typing omega 3 in the search field at the top of the page and looking for the label tab.

You now hold the secret of the latest research revealing the causation of these debilitating cerebral conditions as well as the tools to combat it. Your future brain function is dependent upon what you do with this knowledge and who you bless by paying it forward.


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