SB 31 Bill Seeks To Turn Healers Into Felons

Natural health supporters have been loudly condemning North Carolina’s lawmakers over the recent “stealth bill” SB 31 which introduced new language that would transform homeopaths, naturopaths, herbalists and midwives into criminal felons. This is all determined by the bills definition of “practicing medicine without a license.” By what right does a state medical board have any authority to tell an herbalist that she cannot treat a heart patient or a diabetic? The huge assortment of herbs that can help reverse diabetes is astonishing, and yet the state medical board in North Carolina (and every other state) insists that degenerative disease can ONLY be treated with drugs and surgery and all other forms of treatment is considered illegal. Anyone even attempting to treat cancer with herbs, for example, can be arrested and charged with a felony crime under this new bill. This is just one way that Big pharma is attempting to monopolize the entire health field.

Click here to read the full article…


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