3 things crohn irritable bowel syndrome sufferers must do

It is said that nearly one in four Americans suffers from some kind of digestive disorder such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohns Disease. Although medically recognized as incurable there is no need for sufferers of Crohns and IBS to give up hope.  Although the conditions cannot be eradicated, the symptoms and distress can however be controlled. It is often true that what medical science cannot cure, common sense, information and commitment can subdue.

It is a frustration to many, that in many areas, medical advancement has brought breakthrough and hope to many suffering at the hands of illness, but still there are is a silent percentage, waiting in the wings hoping for their time to come.

So how can we loosen the chains of Crohns and IBS?

1. Get Informed.

In today’s world of super fast and open communication there is really no reason why someone should suffer in silence or ignorance for anything. A simple trip to the library will uncover many books and guides outlining possibilities and methods for controlling disorders such as Crohns Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. A quick search on the internet will uncover many opportunities and avenues for discovering exactly what is going on with your body.

2. Get Support.

In the same way, that there is no excuse to being ignorant, there is also no reason to be alone. Some people early on after being diagnosed with Chrons Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) go through a phase of denial – that’s natural – but there also comes a time to pick yourself up and face your disorder head on – but that doesn’t mean alone. There are many national and local support groups established which will help, encourage and motivate you to live life to the full and give ideas about how to

3. Get Control

Although the general principle is something of an illusion (after all, we are all uncontrollable factors in life) – it is absolutely essential for Chrons and IBS sufferers to work towards getting to grips with their disorder so they can start to feel free and live life again. For the majority, its not actually that hard – as long as you have been through the process of Getting Informed and Getting Support. In my experience the only way to get control that lasts and is beneficial is to take the information and support and apply to my own life religiously. With careful monitoring, strict adherence and continual awareness, you to can live the life you deserve.


Aloe Vera Juice

aloe juice
Out of the 400 species of the Aloe family, Aloe Vera (meaning True Aloe) has been used for thousands of years and is still present in varieties of medicines today. It is used predominantly as an herbal remedy for the skin, digestion, the reproductive system and detox. A gel or pulp can be extracted from the plants for many benefits, both externally and internally.

It is most commonly used to treat skin conditions by soothing the skin and easing pain and inflammation. It can even speed up the healing process of burns, eczema and other conditions. The plant’s gel can be rubbed to reduce redness after a couple of days. Rubbing the leaf over cuts in the skin can prevent infection and speed up the healing process by acting like a bandage. Because of its healing and moisturising benefits to the skin, it has been adopted by cosmetic companies and added in many products.

The juice of Aloe Vera can be extracted by cutting the leaf, collecting the juice and then evaporating it. The juice has many benefits when drunk. This is partially due to the fact that it contains twelve vitamins (including A, B1, B6, B12, C and E), nineteen amino acids and over 20 minerals, which most of these are essential to the body. In Ayurveda, the Indian health practice, Aloe Vera is known as Kumari (‘the princess’) because of its positive effect on the menstrual cycle and female reproductive system. It is also known for its ability to clean the liver and protect the digestive system by reducing intestinal inflammation.

Overall, Aloe Vera can be used for cosmetics and healing the skin, or when consumed, as a potent cleansing and rejuvenating tonic that is very nutrient rich and beneficial to the body. You can buy Aloe Vera juice at my store, http://www.marketamerica.com/evansmarketing It is made only from the unfiltered inner gel of the whole plant, not the outer rind, which means less processing and more active ingredients are retained.

March of Dimes recommends DHA supplementation


The March of Dimes is a not-for-profit organization whose mission it is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.  Through research, community services, education and advocacy, they strive to carry out this mission.  March of Dimes might be best known for their recommendations that women of childbearing age to take 400 mcg of folic acid daily to help prevent birth defects of the brain and spinal cord.  Because of their far reaching efforts, most women are now aware of the importance of taking this vital nutrient for a healthy pregnancy.

Recently, the March of Dimes has made a new recommendation for pregnant women – the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids.  Specifically, they are recommending that women should get at least 200 mg of DHA daily.  For women concerned about the presence of mercury in fish, or who do not eat fish, they recommend obtaining the DHA from a supplement containing at least 200 mg.

The March of Dimes has added this important nutrient to its recommendations only after careful examination of the existing science.  That science is hard to ignore when it comes to DHA and infant brain development.  Kudos to March of Dimes for their recognition of this essential nutrient. Not only is DHA important for baby, but it is also important for mother.  The baby takes what nutrients she needs from her mother, often depleting the mother’s own stores.  So during pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding, nutrients are funneled to the baby first.  Mom gets whatever is leftover.  Proper diet and supplementation of pregnant and breastfeeding women is crucial for the health of both mom and baby.

When looking for a good quality DHA supplement, we must consider the supporting supplement of EPA.  EPA needs to be coupled with DHA in order to magnify the utilization of the DHA.  I highly recommend for my patients a combined total of DHA and EPA, equaling 1500mg or more, which not only aids the developing fetus, expectant mother, but aids in the removal of excess inflammation within the body.  Therefore, Omega III fatty acids aids our bodies in the removal of inflammation as it relates to everyone, not just expectant mothers.

The best way to determine if the Omega III fatty acid you are using is of good quality or is mostly water, would be to place a few of the capsules in the freezer for 24 hours.  Remember, true oils will not freeze.  Therefore, if the supplement you are taking is made up of water, which many are, they will freeze solid.  If this is the case you have the wrong brand.  Keep this in mind, “You get what you pay for.”  So, if you choose the least expensive Omega III supplement, most likely you will get poorer quality and less benefit to your health.

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